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We are developers who specialize in WordPress MU (WPMU) Multisite, BuddyPress, WordPress, and bbPress development. Web designers are a dime a dozen, but an experienced and affordable WPMU Multisite plugin developer is a rare find. We like to make things work the way you want them to, and have the specialized knowledge to bend WordPress to meet your wildest expectations.

  • Want to build your own WPMU WordPress Multisite niche blog site like wordpress.com?
  • Want to create a custom social network on top of WordPress MU Multisite using BuddyPress?
  • Want to make WPMU WordPress Multisite, WordPress, or BuddyPress work the way you want with custom developed plugins?
  • Want custom theme functions and options coded to make your premium WordPress theme stand out from the crowd?

UglyRobot can make that happen!

We are passionate about open-source web development and that’s why we specialize in WordPress and it’s sister applications. We always release our plugins under the GPL, and even give a 10% discount to clients who allow us to release the custom plugins we develop for them to the community.

We believe in writing secure, clean, well documented, standards-compliant code and markup. We never touch core WordPress files so upgrades will continue to be simple. We also understand the special security concerns when developing plugins for WordPress MU Multisite, something that many WordPress developers do not address and so open up dangerous security holes in your WPMU WordPress Multisite install.

UglyRobot is experienced, affordable, and amazing to work with. Contact us about your development needs today!

We love working with:

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About Us

UglyRobot is owned and run by it’s founder and chief developer, Aaron Edwards. We also work with other trusted development and graphic design partners when needed for specific projects.

For the last 2 years Aaron has been dedicated mostly to WordPress and WordPress MU development. He developed and continues to run his niche WPMU site MissionsPlace.com in his free time.

UglyRobot also does regular work as part of the Incsub team, creator of such notable WPMU related sites as EduBlogs, WPMU DEV Premium, and the WPMU.org blog. If you have a large WPMU project, we highly recommend Incsub as they are the best in the business. You can also find us actively responding to support requests on the WPMU DEV Premium forums under the username “Aaron”.

Aaron also has had more than 6 years of experience working in IT for the Fortune 100 corporation PepsiCo and it’s subsidiary, Frito Lay, Inc. His experience there involves project management, hardware and software support, and developing large LAMP based web applications that interface with other enterprise systems. We understand how to integrate technology into business.

Here are some of the technology buzzwords we use every day:
PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, (X)HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, jQuery, Script.aculo.us, Prototype, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, SSH, SSL, and pretty much any other web standard or open-source library.

BuddyPress Group Calendars WPMU Plugin Manager

Our Work

Some premium plugins we have developed for our Incsub partners:

  • Supporter 2.0
    A complete advanced rewrite of the popular Supporter plugin used as the primary source of revenue for hundreds of WPMU blog networks! Stats, charts, multiple payment gateways, and much more. Read more about it here»
  • BuddyPress Group Calendar
    Provides calendar and event planning functionality for BuddyPress groups, and integrates so well you would think it is part of the BuddyPress core! Read more about it here»
  • More recent work will be added here when it is released.

Here are some public examples of the broad spectrum of work we have done:

  • WPMU Plugin Manager
    Plugin management for WordPress MU that supports the native WPMU plugins page and the WPMUdev Premium Supporter plugin! Extremely popular (used on hundreds of sites) and insanely useful!
  • WPMU Blog Registrations
    Allows people to register for individual blogs using the normal wordpress registration process.
  • Premium Themes
    Easily setup premium themes that only paid supporters have access to!
  • MU Domain Mapping For Supporters Only
    A spruced up version of Donncha’s domain mapping plugin for supporters
  • Gravatar Preview on Profile Pages
    If your WPMU site uses gravatars, this plugin will display a gravatar preview to users on their profile admin page with instructions and links on how to set one up.

Contact Us

Please contact us here to discuss your project and we will get back to you right away.

For most projects we prefer to bill by the hour. After understanding your development requirements, we will send you an estimate based on the time we think your project will require. We try to estimate on the high side so you will be pleasantly surprised when we finish up early. Our clients also will receive a login to our site so they can view project status, hours, estimates, and pay invoices. We collect secure payments for invoices online via your credit card or bank account through PayPal or Google Checkout. Our rates are very reasonable and competitive considering our unique skills and experience.

We prefer to focus on small to medium size projects that we can turn around quickly on an affordable budget, but can also do long term or contracted work on a case by case basis!

If you are looking to build WordPress Multisite blog network or BuddyPress social network, the quickest and cheapest way to get started is to use these two services:
WP.MU Installation Service
WPMU Dev Premium – the best WordPress, WPMU and BuddyPress resource and support site on the web
They’ll get things started for you, help customize your community, and answer any questions.

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