Our Work

Some premium plugins we have developed for our Incsub partners:

  • MarketPress
    The best premium WordPress eCommerce plugin available – packed with features and no extensions required.
  • WPMU DEV Dashboard
    Get one-click installs and upgrades of all WPMU DEV plugins and themes, immediate access to support and the community – all from the comfort of WordPress.
  • Integrated Video Tutorials
    integrated video tutorials gives you and your users complete access to the entire WPMU DEV WordPress Video Tutorial library through our API, all from inside WordPress, or anywhere else you’d like.
  • Anti-Splog
    The ultimate plugin and service to stop and kill splogs in WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress, from WPMU DEV.
  • Pro Sites
    A complete advanced rewrite of the popular Supporter plugin used as the primary source of revenue for thousands of Multisite blog networks! Stats, charts, multiple payment gateways, and much more. Read more about it here»
  • BuddyPress Group Calendar
    Provides calendar and event planning functionality for BuddyPress groups, and integrates so well you would think it is part of the BuddyPress core! Read more about it here»
  • More recent work will be added here when it is released.

Here are some public examples of the broad spectrum of work we have done:

  • Multisite Plugin Manager
    The essential plugin for every multisite install! Manage plugin access permissions across your entire multisite network. Extremely popular (used on thousands of sites) and insanely useful!
  • View more of our work »